My first job as an architect took me to various places throughout Europe, where I had the chance to meet many people and work on interesting projects. Larger contexts – society, ethics, and social and spiritual developments – have always fascinated me.
The fact that it is our ideas and our creativity that shape civilization still inspires me. My fascination has shifted from architecture to human beings and their evolution during the Age of Aquarius. The destruction and the imbalances that we as a civilization have caused need to be healed and transformed, starting within ourselves. The possibilities that emerge when we develop an awareness of the soul are incalculable. This inner bond gives rise to a whole new world.

I have been studying the Eternal Wisdom, kinesiology, energetic anatomy, meditation, and new approaches in consciousness research since 1997. In my early twenties, I met Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel from Denmark, two pioneers in the field of transformational kinesiology. They have assisted and inspired me through numerous training programs, their great teachings and group work at the Polaris International Center in Denmark.

In 2005, pursuing a vision, I returned to Weimar and, together with my family, converted a windmill in Thuringia into a seminary and retreat. In my work and research as a kinesiologist, I have guided and supported many people and groups. I love conducting seminars, training courses and mediation sessions, and I have established my own practice. Like everybody else, I am growing into a new world through numerous processes and visions – a world that we can only experience by working together.

I have been holding training courses in kinesiology and Eternal Wisdom since 2011
2005-2017 full-moon meditation groups inspired by the teachings of T. Saraydarian and A.A. Bailey
Retreats, consciousness research, meditation sessions, group processes, coaching for companies and teams, coaching and groups in the field of transformational kinesiology and Eternal Wisdom
Workshops and seminars in Germany, Holland, Spain, France and Switzerland


While on my journey, I have been inspired by:

Grethe Fremming, Rolf Havsboel – Polaris International College Denmark 1998-2017
Transformation durch Kinesiologie™, Life Coach, Energetic Anatomy, Inner Guidance
Astrokinesiologie ® Yvonne H. Koch, Switzerland
Reconnective Healing ® Dr. Eric Pearl, USA
Touch for Health ™ Harald Hasenöhrl
Heilige Geometrie – Lichtgittermandalas ® Ursula Irrgang

The Philosophy of Eternal Wisdom according to A.A. Bailey, T. Saraydarian, Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, and many others; Oskar Niemeyer’s Brasilia; nature, gardens and art throughout the world; music ranging from Bach to John Coltrane; my own inner guidance; a wonderful family; angels and spirits of nature; all the friends I have met along the spiritual path; great encounters with people from all over the world; and all the participants in my seminars.