The term kinesiology is derived from the Greek word for “movement”. It is a young discipline that utilizes the body’s own feedback loop. This feedback system is very simple and facilitates communication with the body on various levels.
Kinesiology was discovered by the US chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart. He observed that the physical and mental processes within the human being are reflected in the functional cycle of the muscles. In 1964, he developed a simple procedure without any apparatuses: the muscle test.
Among other energy models, kinesiology utilizes the energy model that is used in Chinese acupuncture, which is based on the connections of the energy paths (meridians) running through the body to certain organs. Organs and meridians are furthermore connected to certain muscle groups. This makes it possible to identify, compensate for and balance imbalances. Kinesiology observes the human being as a whole from a structural, biochemical, and psychological (emotional, mental) point of view. The muscle test allows us to develop individualized therapy methods, thus reducing the treatment time.
Kinesiology is used in education in the form of Edu-Kinesthetics and Brain Gym. Movement exercises can help to improve concentration and enhance the ability to learn. In psychotherapy, kinesiology helps to identify the root cause of mental troubles, even those in the distant past.
Kinesiology not only helps with problems, but also fosters personal and spiritual growth. It efficiently aids people in achieving their goals or transcending their apparent limits. It enables the organism to help itself, heal itself, and grow.



This line of kinesiology has been being researched and developed by Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel since the 1980s. It offers a unique way to use the Eternal Wisdom, awareness training, and kinesiology to assist a person with their spiritual growth. These two pioneers shared a vision: they wanted to inspire people to use their creative power to create more joy and beauty. The insights gained in the balances are used to train the soul. The test and balance methods used are based on the work with the subtle energy structures of the body: etheric, emotional, mental, and transpersonal.